How Online Poker Works

Inside this guide, we take a look at the online poker game. If you are here to learn about poker because you are playing for the first time, then our review of the gambling option will introduce you to areas of the game and about the game that no other guide offers. For those that are regular players of the game, we hope to provide new and fresh information to you about how these casino games are made so that it hopefully helps you to see a bigger picture and approach the game differently with better results.

Poker is perhaps the most popular of all card games, every casino online houses the option and it comes in a variety of forms and styles. Your first step is to obviously be in a position to access the games to experience first-hand how they work. Now, given that poker is everywhere, not every casino online is able to provide poker in every single format. By heading to our friend’s site, you are able to select from the few casinos listed the best in South Africa that do give you every online poker option. These include all the variants of poker, video poker and live poker games, with some tournament action thrown in.

The casinos found within the recommended list on this site are not only chosen for their poker selection but because they also provide players with legitimate services and regulated features. The casinos are all licensed and are, therefore, legal within the South African borders. You will be able to play real casino games with real money at stake and all payments are paid in South African currency. The regulation side of things is important because this confirms that all games poker and non-poker, have been tested and proven to be fair to play with.

Playing Online Poker

Poker is a diverse and fun game to play, yes it takes a bit of time to learn and know of the card hands involved and repeat playing will help you to remember which hands are the more powerful and least powerful ones.

Online poker is celebrated as being the most varied game online, slots may have the numbers to back their claim, but the fact is, poker though keeping the same principle rules is actually varied more times within differing games than online slots. Changing the aesthetics and the razzle-dazzle doesn’t make them hugely variable.

The variants of poker each provide players with a sense of new opportunity. The games made available include Tri-Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, VIP Poker, Casino Hold ’Em, Caribbean Stud Poker and Let ‘Em Ride. These options are available both as virtual gaming options and live casino ones.

One variant that is only exclusive to the realms of virtual play is the category of Video Poker. This option takes poker away from the card table and places it into a slot-like arcade machine. Gaming titles include Deuces Wild, Joker Poker and Jacks or Better.

With the realms of live gaming, the standard variants are available with additional options that would be impossible to duplicate in virtual form. Live poker games give players the opportunity to take on live dealers. The format is wholly immersive, you can communicate with the dealer and other players. There are tournament games, specialist VIP games and those which have no wagering limits. The service is a live streaming platform that uses real cards and real tables. For many players, it is the better experience of the two gaming formats.

How Poker Games Are Made

With live tables, there is no smoke and mirrors, the games are completely natural. Not the casino when it comes to playing virtual machines. When it comes to playing these kinds of games, there is no argument about which is better, because despite have very distinct styles of play, the process of fashioning wins from them are exactly the same. Whether you play Caribbean Stud or Jacks or Better, the two are made and built with the same algorithms that define how they are both win and lost when played.

So, how does the poker system work? The algorithms come in two forms, there are games made with the RTP system and those with the RNG system.

RTP means return to player. The calculation for a win is based on the amount of money put into the game and will payout when the right percentage of money has been wagered.

So, if a poker game comes with and RTP of 98%, then that’s the percentage marker of money the machine needs to have collected in order to payout.

RNG means random number generator. The calculation is based on random number sequencing. This is more complex and possibly why gaming developers use it less. Imagine you have two wheels of fortune, one wheel lists the card suites and number for every poker card, on the other wheel you have the same, spin both wheels and if you get the matching set you are likely to win big from the game. Now, this isn’t the exact way, but the principle works on random generated serial numbers that the algorithms try to match and make fair.

And this is how online poker works.